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    Excellence Design Challenge Finalists
    December 21, 2017

    The MSD of Lawrence Township is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 Excellence Design Challenge, sponsored by the Lawrence Township School Foundation. The Design Challenge seeks to financially reward a teacher (or teachers) for an innovative idea that, if implemented, meaningfully impacts the organization through efficiency, effectiveness, and/or measurable improvements. These individuals have been selected to proceed to the Research and Development phase. These finalists will now complete a comprehensive Research and Development phase outside of the contract day, providing a progress report to the administrative team mid-way through this phase.
    A Research and Development Award of $750 will presented to all finalists who successfully complete and submit the research and development portion of the challenge. This award will be shared if there are multiple applicants for one proposal. From those finalists, the Design Challenge Award Winner will be selected and the idea implemented in the MSD of Lawrence Township.
    The winner receives a personal award of $20,000.
    MSD of Lawrence Township staff members identified for the next phase of the Challenge are:
    Mr. Doug Price & Mr. Robert Cline (Oaklandon Elementary School): After the Bell Homework Support
    Ms. Laura Getz (Oaklandon Elementary School) & Ms. Tally Shanley (Indian Creek Elementary School): The Final Straw: The Elimination of Straws & Plastic Ware in LT Cafeterias
    Ms. Deena Fogle (Lawrence Central High School): Lawrence Language Leaders (L3)
    Mr. Jeffrey Smith & Ms. Tamara Markey (McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology): LT Mobile iLAB (Innovation Lab)


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