Metropolitan School District of
Lawrence Township

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    Teacher, Classified Staff, and Administrator of the Year for the 2016-2017 School Year
    May 26, 2017

    Congratulations to the MSD of Lawrence Township Teacher, Classified Staff, and Administrator of the year for the 2016-2017 school year!

    Pictured from left to right:
    Phil Ritchie, Classified Staff of the Year, Indoor Air Quality Controller, Lawrence Education and Community Center
    Margaret Manuzzi, Teacher of the Year, Third Grade Teacher, Indian Creek Elementary
    Brett Crousore, Susan Jordan Administrator of the Year, Principal, Lawrence North High School

    Below is the list of Teacher and Classified Staff person from each building:
    ELC-Amy Beverland Classified Neysa Wagoner Administrative Assistant
    ELC-Amy Beverland Teacher Brittney Gilbert Kindergarten Teacher
    ELC-Brook Park Classified Joy Jimpson Mentor
    ELC-Brook Park Teacher Kari May Kindergarten Teacher
    ELC-Mary Castle Classified Samantha Walker Administrative Assistant
    ELC-Mary Castle Teacher Yvonne Guynn POA Teacher
    ELC-Winding Ridge Classified JoAnn Stroy Nurse
    ELC-Winding Ridge Teacher Jillian Bazilio Kindergarten Teacher
    Amy Beverland Classified Judy Hardin Instructional Assistant
    Amy Beverland Teacher Kim Armstrong 1st Grade Teacher
    Brook Park Classified Luz Palomo Instructional Assistant
    Brook Park Teacher Ashley Mays PE Teacher
    Crestview Classified Mike Terry Behavior Mentor
    Crestview Teacher Lorri Losee 2nd Grade Teacher
    Forest Glen Classified Luis Oliva Latino Dance & Drama
    Forest Glen Teacher Mike  McBride Music Teacher
    Harrison Hill Classified Pauline  Allen Custodian
    Harrison Hill Teacher Karen  Taylor Title 1 Teacher
    Indian Creek Classifiedr Terrie Wiles  Instructional Assistant
    Indian Creek Teacher Margaret  Manuzzi 3rd Grade Teacher
    Mary Castle Classified Carol  Perry Administrative Assistant
    Mary Castle Teacher Maria Dorsel 5th Grade Teacher
    Oaklandon Classified Tracey Johns Media Center
    Oaklandon Teacher Josh Lloyd Diagnostic 
    Sunnyside Classified Renita Hills Behavior Mentor
    Sunnyside Teacher Kellie Wood 5th Grade Teacher
    Skiles Test Classified Karen Bennett Instructional Assistant
    Skiles Test Teacher Cannie Whitaker PE Teacher
    Winding Ridge Classified Stephen Thomas Student Mentor
    Winding Ridge Teacher Susan Granger Resource Teacher
    Belzer Classified Tracy Dastour Nurse
    Belzer Teacher Kerri Wood Math Teacher
    Fall Creek Valley Classified Kristan Ozier Treasurer
    Fall Creek Valley Teacher Mickie Barsic Art Teacher
    Lawrence Advance Academy Classified Alisa  Bush Instructional Assistant
    Lawrence Advance Teacher Nancy McGalliard English Teacher
    LawrenceCentral Classified Candace Robinson Home School Advisor
    Lawrence Central Teacher Paige Wyatt English Teacher
    Lawrence North Classified Jeff Maberto Auditorium Manager
    Lawrence North Teacher Liz Masur English Teacher
    McKenzie Classified Harold Bonner Custodian
    McKenzie Teacher Donnie Sheets Automotive Teacher
    Transportation Classified Michael Robb Bus Driver/Trainer
    Social Worker Teacher Chuck Farrell  
    LECC Classified Phil Ritchie Air Quality Coordinator

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