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September 6, 2017  |  Day in the Life

Lawrence North Students Protest Proposed DACA Repeal

President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he was giving Congress six months to come up with a new 1-(1).jpgsolution to the DACA order handed down by former president Barack Obama. Upon hearing that, a group of Lawrence North High School students, backed by the LN Dream Team, formally assembled inside Lawrence North before school and again during between classes, to protest the ruling that this document would be revoked. In an era where even grown adults solve their problems with violence, it was reassuring to see a band of kids, united by a common goal, assemble peacefully inside the commons at Lawrence North.
The group that organized the protest, the LN Dream Team, is composed of a majority of students of Hispanic and Latino descent. This club strives on embracing the hispanic culture and respecting the nation from which their culture descends, while also attempting to intermingle aspects of both 3.jpgHispanic and American cultures. Their chant, “Dreamers, not Criminals”, exemplifies the true meaning of immigrants from other countries. People are flooding to America in seek of change and opportunity. They feel that Trump’s decision yesterday negates the notion that America is a land of opportunity. Children who were brought here at a young age and are protected under DACA, are now at risk of deportation. That’s roughly a quarter of a million people affected along with a hefty portion of our workforce and economy. So as students gathered to show their support for those affected by Trump’s order and to protest for a change, the idea that America is the land of opportunity and the home of the brave became justified in as people of different cultures came together to unite one goal.

Students plan to continue their demonstrations as events unfold.

Story by Lawrence North senior, Jared Rigdon
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