Blue Ribbon Facilities Plan

Blue Ribbon Facilities is the initiative in LT Schools to keep buildings updated and secure, as well as  to assist with capacity planning.  Every student and employee deserves a vibrant, safe environment that is conducive to learning and growing.  Beginning with renovations in 2015 and through 2020, over $174 Million have been invested in these capital improvement projects  outside of the 2019 capital referendum. 


  • Crestview Elementary
  • McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology
  • Lawrence Central Stadium/Endzone Building
  • Lawrence North Stadium/Endzone Building
  • Mary Castle Elementary
  • Belzer Middle School Concessions/Track
  • Lawrence Central Auditorium Phase I & II
  • Lawrence North Auditorium Phase I & II
  • Skiles Test Elementary
  • Indian Creek Elementary
  • Harrison Hill Elementary
  • Lawrence Central Softball Stadium Upgrades
  • Lawrence North Softball Stadium Upgrades
  • Sunnyside Elementary
  • Amy Beverland Elementary
2019 Capital Projects:
  • Transportation Facility
2020 Capital Projects (2020 project funding obtained through capital referendum and outside of the Blue Ribbon Facilities Plan):
  • Lawrence Central High School
  • Lawrence North High School
  • Brook Park Elementary
  • Forest Glen Elementary
  • Oaklandon Elementary
  • Winding Ridge Elementary
  • 4 Early Learning Centers
Our 2023 Capital Projects (proposed):
  • Belzer Middle School
  • Fall Creek Valley Middle School
Click the links below to see the Production Plan for the next few years:
LCHS Phasing Plan 
LNHS Phasing Plan

 Sunnyside Elementary Exterior Amy Beverland Elementary Exterior

Exterior rendering of Transportation Facility - To be constructed at 52nd and German Church Road.