Blue Ribbon Facilities Plan

Lawrence Excellence extends not only to our students, families, academics, staff and teachers, but also throughout our world class facilities.  We are proud to share our Blue Ribbon Facilities Campaign investment plans from present through 2019 and committed to creating strong schools to help make our Lawrence Township community strong.

Our 2018 Capital Projects:
  • Lawrence Central/Lawrence North Auditorium Renovations - $4M
  • Lawrence Central/Lawrence North Stadium Stadium Upgrades - $2M
  • Finalize 2017 projects at Harrison Hill, Indian Creek, & Skiles Test - $16.5M
Our 2019 Capital Projects:
  • Sunnyside Elementary - $7.5M
  • Amy Beverland Elementary - $9M
  • Transportation Facility - $10.5M
Our 2020 Capital Projects (proposed):
  • Lawrence Central High School - $85M
  • Lawrence North High School - $82M
  • 6th Grade Center Addition to Belzer & Fall Creek Valley - $30M

Proposed 2020 projects are beyond the scope of the Blue Ribbon Facilities Plan.

As a result of the input from an eighteen-month study on alleviating the enrollment at the elementary school level, the Board of Education and Dr. Smith have come to the decision to build two sixth grade academies, one at each middle school location. The District will study the option to build two sixth grade buildings.

It will take a few years to work through the planning, financing and construction, making the anticipated opening scheduled for the fall of 2022.

This means that we would anticipate the first group of students to occupy the new facilities to be the students who are currently in first grade, barring any delays.

  • Crestview Elementary
  • McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology
  • Lawrence Central Stadium/Endzone Building
  • Lawrence North Stadium/Endzone Building
  • Mary Castle Elementary
  • Belzer Middle School Concessions/Track
  • Lawrence Central Auditorium Phase I & II
  • Lawrence North Auditorium Phase I & II
  • Skiles Test Elementary
  • Indian Creek Elementary
  • Harrison Hill Elementary
  • Lawrence Central Softball Stadium Upgrades
  • Lawrence North Softball Stadium Upgrades
$127 Million total projected district capital investment budget 2015 - 2019.

Lawrence Township is fortunate to have existing bonds that will be paid off in the next few years.  This allows the district to issue new bonds, keep the same annual debt service payment, and not increase the debt service tax rate. 

Maintaining state of the art facilities allows students to perform at the highest level, keeping LT a leader in education.
Exterior Rendering of Harrison Hill Elementary Exterior Rendering of Indian Creek Elementary

Rendering of Lawrence Central Auditorium         Rendering of Lawrence North Auditorium