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Stakeholder Academy

Exploring Educational Excellence in Your Local Public Schools

Program Overview:

The MSD of Lawrence Township Stakeholder Academy is an exclusive program that invites no more than 25 community members to participate in extended dialog with the district on the various functions of the corporation.*

In five months, participants interact with district leaders responsible for overseeing various functions of the school corporation, beginning with the locally elected Board of Education.

Sessions will last no longer than two hours, and will focus the different divisions of the corporation, including the Board of Education, Instruction, School Finance, Operations, Educational Legislation, and Effective Advocacy. All will involve discussion, activities, tours, guided observation, and minimal lecture.

The 2023-2024 cohort of the Stakeholder Academy will begin in January of 2024, with graduates emerging with a new perspective of the MSD of Lawrence Township. Applications will be accepted through November 30, 2023. 

Future invitees will be selected by recommendations from current participants and district leadership. 

* Please note: Stakeholder Academy is not intended for current or former employees. 

Program Goals:The goal of the Stakeholder Academy is to educate identified community members on the roles of the locally elected Board of Education and the total operation of the school corporation, developing a cadre of informed advocates who can effectively engage the local community in support of the MSD of Lawrence Township. 

Program Objectives:To build a network of informed and educated community members who understand the roles of responsibilities of the locally elected Board of Education 

To educate community members on the roles and responsibilities of MSD of Lawrence Township though the lens of district leadership.

To empower stakeholders to be district ambassadors and to facilitate factual and positive communication about the MSD of Lawrence Township and public education to the greater community.

Program Requirements

  • Attendance at all five sessions
  • Be a registered voter and resident of the MSD of Lawrence Township
  • Attend one MSD of Lawrence Township Board of Education Meeting - recommended


click here to apply for the 2024 stakeholder academy

Thanks to the Stakeholder Academy, I have a comprehensive understanding of our school district. I gained valuable insight into the various offices contributing to Lawrence Township's success and the district's unwavering dedication to ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed in their academic and career endeavors. 
~ Ms. Shaila Mulholland

Dr. Smith and Dr. Altemeyer have done a phenomenal job of giving a multi-faceted, deep-dive overview of all of the inner workings of the district. Impressive all around!
~ Mr. Brice Holland
For more information about the program, please contact Director of Communications, Dr. Dana Altemeyer