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Blue Ribbon Facilities

Blue Ribbon Facilities is the initiative in LT Schools to keep buildings updated and secure, as well as to assist with capacity planning.  Every student and employee deserves a vibrant, safe environment that is conducive to learning and growing.  Beginning with renovations in 2015 and through 2023, over $200 Million have been invested in these capital improvement projects  outside of the 2019 capital referendum. 


LT Schools maintains almost 3 million square feet in 23 learning and support buildings on almost 450 acres of land. In the last 6 years, over $180M that was self-financed has been invested in renovations and expansions that addressed capacity, safety and security, enhanced learning environments, IT infrastructure, and mechanicals for every facility, culminating with an additional $220M in renovations, primarily focused on Lawrence Central and Lawrence North High Schools, financed by a capital referendum in 2019. 68% of voters said yes to LT Schools, underscoring strong schools are the backbone for strong communities.

Click the links below to see the Production Plan through 2024:

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