Equity Audit

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring every student feels valued and included every day in school, the MSD of Lawrence Township is conducting an Equity Audit beginning in December of 2020.  An equity audit is an appraisal of the policies, practices, and outcomes of our organization as they relate to racial equity.  While we strive to provide equitable learning opportunities for every student, we recognize there is always room for improvement.  This audit will not disrupt the normal operations of schools and underscores our dedication to continual improvement and excellence. A comprehensive report, consisting of both quantitative and qualitative data and will be made available to the public.
We have contracted with a third party to review district data and conduct virtual meetings with various members of our school community. The third party is Dr. Vernita Mayfield of Leadervation Learning. Dr. Mayfield hails from Los Angeles, California, where she began her career teaching elementary school. She learned in that role that her first love was serving and supporting students who have been historically marginalized. Since then, she has continued to do so through numerous positions of service, including secondary school principal, researcher and lecturer, and educational consultant at both state and national levels.

In 2012, she founded Leadervation Learning to support organizations seeking to build leadership capacity, particularly in marginalized communities. The company evolved into a vehicle supporting leaders at all levels to understand and dismantle inequitable systems and organizations by building the cultural competency of staff.

Dr. Mayfield is the author of Cultural Competency Now: 56 Exercises to Help Educators Understand and Challenge Bias, Racism, and Privilege.