No Racism Zone

MARION COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS STAND UNITED AGAINST RACISM - Marion County Public Schools have united to stand in solidarity with our communities to build a more just and compassionate world, to abolish racism, value social justice, and respect human dignity. Marion County represents 11 districts and over 135,000 students. We support the Indiana Urban Schools Association Anti-Racism Statement and feel collectively compelled to state unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. We will speak out against institutional racism and express our unwavering commitment to eradicate it from our public spaces. We will learn, apply and teach anti-racism with urgency and intentionality within our school communities.

UNIFIED VIDEO MESSAGE - The video message below shows unity of all Marion County Public School Districts and shares an important community message with all stakeholders. Please take time to view the video and to share it.
The video was produced by Von Watts Graphics, a local firm headed by an African American female.
On Friday, June 19, 2020, stadium lights across Marion County, including Lawrence Central and Lawrence North High Schools, were illuminated for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as a tribute to Mr. George Floyd and to spotlight the need for social justice and to end racism. Mr. Floyd was born on October 14, therefore the lights will go on at 10:14 PM. June 19, otherwise known as Juneteenth, was chosen because of the significance of the date to the African American community. Juneteenth, also referred to as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, or Celebration Day is an American holiday celebrated annually on June 19. The date commemorates June 19, 1865 when a Union General read federal orders to Galveston, Texas that stated all previously enslaved people in Texas were free. This was the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans.