The Lawrence Township Brand

This guide was developed to help MSDLT employees, vendors and contractor understand and accurately communicate the Lawrence Township (LT ) brand.

LT is more than a logo. It is a pledge and commitment that we make to our students, parents, families and community. Our commitment is one of providing unlimited opportunities to each of our students.

Our brand is built through consistency. The LT brand has a long lasting reputation for educational excellence and innovative programs.
The updated LT brand is created to support and reinforce this reputation in a consistent manner. This is done by adhering to established written and graphics standards. This manual provides an overview of these standards.

Visual Identity
LT visual identity stipulates guidelines for the following elements:
  • Logo
  • Color and color reproduction
  • Fonts
  • Print collateral
MSD of Lawrence Township logos may not be used without expressed written permission from the MSDLT Coordinator of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing . If you have a question please click to email or call 317-423-8375

Access to MSDLT Logo Files

Click here to read our Logo and Branding Standards Manual. 

Click here to submit the online form that you acknowledge that you understand the guidelines for using the MSDLT brand and logo and you will then be given access to our logos.

Click here for our Logo Usage Guidelines and Approved Colors for the district and all of our schools.