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Strategic Plan


In 2016, the MSD of Lawrence Township adopted and began the implementation of a five-year Strategic Plan titled Learners Today Leaders Tomorrow. Created with input form hundreds of teachers, staff, administrators, student parents, and community members, the Plan focused on the following Strategic Areas: Student Achievement, Human Resources, Athletics & Wellness, Public Relations/Communications, Operations, Student Supports, Performing Arts, Technology, and Business & Finance. The plan rad through 2020, and COVID-19 global pandemic hit, and with school operations now in a "new normal," a new strategic planning process has taken place with the support of JRK Consulting, LLC to guide the district over the next three years. 

Mission:  Through innovation & dedication we support all students on their educational pathways to graduation, college, and career. 

Vision:  The district of destination where excellence empowers everyone to reach their full potential.

Values:  We believe that living these values will build a culture of cooperation, collaboration, and communication within the entire school community: Achievement, Integrity, and Service.

  • Achievement: We are committed to striving for excellence and maximizing performance and potential of each individual student in an environment where race/ethnicity, gender, and family income are not predictors of success.
  • Integrity: We embrace our differences, treating everyone with dignity, honesty, and fairness. We are entrusted to be inclusive and transparent.
  • Service: We are servant leaders, listening and responding to the needs of the school community; focusing on continuous improvement, measurable results, stakeholder voice, and stakeholder satisfaction; and contributing to making our community a place where people feel welcome and well-served regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, family income, religion, or sexual orientation/gender identity. 

Equity Statement: We believe that students of all races and ethnicities can meet or exceed State standards and Corporation graduation requirements when they are effectively taught and held to high expectations. The MSD of Lawrence Township defines educational equity as, "A state in which dimensions of privilege, skin color, and economic status are not predictive of, or correlated with, educational outcomes in any significant way, and where all learners are able to participate fully in quality learning experiences." - Dr. Vernita Mayfield, Executive Summary, MSDLT Equity Audit.

Click Here to read the board approved strategic plan


I. Charge & Environmental Scan
October 2022

II. Leadership Input & Meetings
October 2022

III. Focus Groups
November '22 -  January '23

IV. Committee Prioritization
     February 1- March 1, 2023

V. Writing the Plan
     March 2023

VI. Board Presentation
April 2023

VII. Adoption
May 8, 2023

VIII. Implementation
       2023 - 2024 School Year

Strategic Plan Pillars

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Culture
  3. Staffing & People
  4. Facilities
  5. Technology
  6. Finance

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Strategic Plan - English

Strategic Plan - Spanish