Strategic Planning Initiative

Learners Today. Leaders Tomorrow.        

Click here to download the Strategic Plan for Stakeholders in pdf format in English.

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Click here for the update of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan as presented to the Board of Education on April 16, 2018.

Vision /Where we aspire to be
The district of destination where excellence empowers everyone to reach his/her potential.
Mission /Our statement of purpose
Through innovation and dedication, we educate all students through graduation.
Core values /Beliefs that guide our work and conduct
We believe that living these values builds a culture of cooperation, collaboration, and communication throughout the school community.
Achievement:  We are committed to striving for excellence and maximizing performance and potential.
Integrity:  We embrace our differences, treating everyone with dignity, honesty, and fairness.  We are entrusted to be inclusive and transparent.
Service:  We are servant leaders, listening and responding to the needs of the school community, while focusing on continuous  improvement, measureable results, and
stakeholder satisfaction.
Together, we are building the future for Lawrence Township students
Excellence is not by chance. it requires a vision and a plan. In 2015, the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township began a strategic planning process to provide direction for the school district through the year 2020. More than 150 members of our community came together over the course of five months to provide input in nine focus areas, representing curricular, business, and operational aspects associated with serving almost 16,000 students and 2,500 employees. The resulting Strategic Commitments and Strategic Priorities underscore the district’s commitment to excellence.

Strategic Commitments /By 2020, we will be the district of destination.  Our goal is to advance every academic and operational area within Lawrence Township Schools.
  • Every student at every level in every neighborhood has access to a quality school
  • Every student can find his/her passion and strength by encountering and exploring innovative and rich opportunities
  • Every student is prepared for college or career upon graduation
  • Every student’s individuality is respected and celebrated
  • Every student is inspired to do his/her best and be his/her best every day

Strategic Priorities
  • Accelerate Student Achievement
  • Enhance Student Experiences
  • Maximize Operational Efficiencies
  • Attract & Retain Talent
Begin with the end in mind
Accelerate Student Achievement
Focus:  Student Achievement
Goal: Achieve highest level of academic rigor
Stretching all students academically, while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills and fostering creativity and innovation, prepares them for their post-graduation future.
Goal: Increase student engagement with technology
Integrating technology into the curriculum prepares students to communicate, collaborate, create, and curate via technology.
Maximize operational Efficiencies
Focus:  Operations
Goal:   Improve quality of services cost effectively
Maintaining a balanced operational budget through efficiencies, cost containment, and revenue opportunities ensures better response time and accuracy.

Focus:  Information Technology
Goal: Expand sustainable infrastructure
Growing the technology infrastructure so that it is consistent with demand and innovation supports all business and learning functions.

Focus:  Business & Finance
Goal: Maintain strong financial position
Making fiscally responsible decisions regarding staffing, operations, and strategic partnerships enables timely investments for future growth and needs.
Enhance Student experiences
Focus:  Student Services
Goal: Enhance the System of Care
Providing students with access to a comprehensive network of LT advisors and mentors in collaboration with community resources ensures the social and emotional wellness of every student.

Focus:  Performing Arts
Goal: Provide comprehensive Pre-kindergarten through
12th grade music program
Connecting with students through creative expression provides an alternative identity that sustains and supports the arts and music as a valuable part of the community’s culture and existence.

Focus:  Athletics & Wellness
Goal: Sustain athletic excellence and improve student wellness
Creating competitive and developmental opportunities for students on the field and in the classroom fosters teamwork, leadership, and pride.

Focus:   Public Relations & Communications
Goal: Increase awareness and build connections
Supporting a comprehensive communication strategy focused on community outreach builds school/district awareness and promotes strategic partnerships.
Attract & Retain Talent
Focus:  Human Resources
Goal: Recruit, Reward, Retain
Delivering excellence every day requires a culture that attracts and retains the highest caliber  staff for all positions.