We passionately believe that by providing rigorous, high-quality academic achievement in a diverse and enriching environment, the Lawrence Township schools offer the best options for future employment and the global challenges ahead.

In addition to our regular elementary, middle, and high school programs, the district offers a variety of specialized programs and services to help meet the needs of all students.

The MSD of Lawrence Township has a reputation for high achievement and standardized test scores consistently above state and national averages. Beginning with our early learning program, our curriculum incorporates the Indiana Academic Standards at every level.

In Indiana, K-12 schools are required to teach the Indiana Academic Standards and the Indiana Employability Skills Standards. The Indiana Department of Education encourages parents, teachers, and educational stakeholders to collaboriate in local ducissions if questions or concerns related to the implementation of Indiana's Standards or curriculum adoption arise. Click here to access a list of Indiana Department of Education Frequently Asked Questions with regard to education standards required by Indiana Law.

Our state-of-the-art Early Learning Centers are designed to appeal to the natural curiosity, capability, and eagerness to learn of the young child. Our elementary and secondary schools enjoy a strong reputation for offering students a solid academic foundation while advancing the cutting edge of educational practice and technology.

With a diverse student population, an ever-increasing number of international students, and a growing list of multicultural classes and extra-curricular activities, Lawrence Township students experience the strengths of diversity as they prepare for their roles in a global society.

The academic diversity in our schools challenges students with a rigorous, yet flexible curriculum that includes a wide variety of courses, support systems, and opportunities.  Our highly trained teaching staff is a leader in technology integration.  This translates into high level student technology proficiencies that prepare students for employment and further studies.