Our eLearning Ecosystem

MSD of Lawrence Township has a robust eLearning Ecosystem comprised of student devices, various educational software packages, and technologically enhanced classroom environments.  Below is a brief description of some of the primary devices, systems, and products that work in concert to provide students with a modern education.



Our school district proudly provides a 1 device to 1 student ratio for grades 5-12.  Every student in the target grades is provided with a Lenovo Chromebook. Lawrence Township chose the Lenovo Chromebook because of its durability, robust management system, accessibility, and ease of use. The Yoga version of the Chromebook doubles as a tablet and laptop.

Additional Features

  • Chrome Operating System by Google
  • Works in conjunction with students' LT G-Suite accounts
  • Full Offline Google capabilities
  • All day battery life
  • Charges in 30 minutes or less
  • Rugged Mil-SPEC construction
  • Grades 5-8 receive a Lenovo Yoga11e which has a full touchscreen and can be used as a Tablet, Laptop, Stand or Tent

Canvas - Learning Management System

Canvas is our learning management system (LMS) that serves as the primary online communication tool for teachers.  From inside Canvas, parents and students can expect to have access to critical class information such as teacher contact information, class calendars, and daily agendas.  Canvas also connects students to all of the digital tools and resources used during class. It is the launch point for a host of digital learning resources such as online textbooks, videos, quizzes and websites.  As the hub of the modern learning environment, Canvas connects teachers and students with countless tools to make eLearning easier and more fun. Canvas also offers a Parent Portal, allowing families to stay connected and informed.

Skyward - Student Information System

Skyward is the student information system used in LT. The system manages critical student data such as enrollment, scheduling, attendance, grades and discipline. Students and families interact through the Skyward Family Access which connects school to home. Parents are able to observe grades, attendance, academic history and more for their student. Students also complete scheduling for the following year within Skyward.  The Skyward database serves as the "Permanent Record" for key student information.

Sharp Interactive Display Panels

LT has partnered with Sharp to provide mobile interactive displays in every classroom.  These display panels come equipped with wifi-enabled mini... The boards recognizes up to six points of contact, allowing for groups of students to interact with the display panel simultaneously.  Students and teachers have the ability to mirror the display from their device (chromebooks, teacher PC, etc.) on the panel, creating a flexible, mobile and interactive learning environment in every room.

Contact Information

For more information: Contact Kris McAloon, Assistant Director of Workforce Development, 423-8359.