eLearning Day

The MSD of Lawrence Township will have a pilot eLearning Day on Friday, February 14th, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents:

Will my student need internet access?

Yes. The eLearning Day assignments will require an internet connection. However, accommodations will be made for students that do not expect to have access for the eLearning Day. Please be sure to indicate on the eLearning Needs Assessment if your child will need an "un-plugged" activity.

What if my student has a disability or other special need?

Accommodations will be made to allow all students to participate in the eLearning Day. If your student has an IEP or ILP, the Teacher of Record will work with you student and general education teacher to ensure that appropriate accommodations are in place.

What can I do to prepare for an eLearning Day with my child?
  • Students should have regular opportunities to do school work at home.
  • Build routines for your child around studying outside of the school day. For example, build time into their daily routine for reading at home.
  • Become familiar with accessing information for your child's classes on SeeSaw or Canvas. Ask your child to show you how to use these online tools if you are unfamiliar.
Will there be support available from the school/district during the eLearning Day?

Yes. Plans are being made to provide parents and students with access to live support and technical assistance. Additionally, social media accounts will be monitored using the hashtag #LTeDay.