Bilingual Programs

The Spanish Immersion program is a researched based enrichment model and believes the goals of the program are those of the Three Pillars of Dual Language Programming (CAL).
  1. Bilingualism and biliteracy are the first goal in dual language. Because students are learning content via two languages, they must be able to speak, write, read, listen, and use each of the two program languages as a support for the other.
  2. The second goal of dual language programs is to ensure high academic achievement for each student, in both program languages. This is extremely important because students in dual language programs must excel in mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, music, and art, in both languages of instruction.
  3. Sociocultural competence is the third pillar of dual language. It is the one goal that the other two pillars rest on. Students in dual language programs should be able to see the similarities and differences in each other, but rather than identifying the differences as obstacles to overcome, they should be viewed as opportunities to connect.
In the Bilingual program in MSD Lawrence, all classrooms follow the Indiana academic standards.  All classroom teachers are highly certified and fluent in the language used for instruction.  In most immersion classrooms, the teachers are dominant speakers of that language and share their love and appreciation of bilingualism with their students.

Forest Glen Elementary School maintains an instructional model that incorporates content and language in a culturally rich learning environment.  Forest Glen has received many state and nationally recognized awards for its continued success.  In grades K-2, students receive 80% of their instruction in Spanish which includes Spanish Language Arts with a focus on Science and Social Studies and Mathematics and 20% of their instruction in English with a focus on English Language Arts.  Teachers also spend time bridging the two languages which helps students recognize the metalinguistic differences between both languages being learned.  In 3rd grade, students receive 70% of their instruction in Spanish and 30% of their instruction in English with the same content allocation.  In grades 4, 5, and 6 half of the instructional day is taught in Spanish and the remainder is taught in English.  Spanish Language Arts content with a focus on Science and Social Studies is maintained.  Math and Language Arts are taught in English.  At Forest Glen, PE, Art and Drama are taught in Spanish and Music and Media are taught in English.

The Spanish Immersion program continues at Fall Creek Valley Middle School with the recommendation that students continue their Spanish language development.  Students are asked to take Spanish Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies in the target language for both 7th and 8th grade.

At Lawrence North High School, students in the Spanish Immersion program are asked to take 12 high school credits in the target language.  Lawrence North offers a variety of courses from Spanish Language Arts, AP Literature, World Cultures, Biology, and others.  Students also have the opportunity to take the DELE exam.  This exam is recognized by the Ministry of Spain and will qualify students for the “Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma.”  This is the only certificate for non-native Spanish speakers that is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

In the 2016-2017 school year, the state legislature passed the Indiana version of the Biliteracy Seal, calling it the Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency.  The students in the Immersion program also were able to qualify for this recognition.  This certificate confirms for colleges and careers that students graduating have gained fluent proficiency in two or more languages. 

All MSD Lawrence Township Immersion schools are members of the International Spanish Academies (ISAs) which are educational centers known for their academic prestige, encompassing all grade levels from Pre K through 12th grade.  The schools all maintain a collaborative agreement with the Ministry of Education of Spain which provides teachers with access to professional development and resources necessary for Spanish Immersion programming. For more information about the International Spanish Academies, please click here.

In the 2018-2019 school year, the Spanish Immersion program will begin its expansion to the west side of the district.  Skiles Test Elementary School will open as the only Spanish STEM Immersion School in the state of Indiana.  It will follow a similar content and language allocation plan as Forest Glen, however, add a focus on STEM both within the classroom and as special areas.  Skiles Test has been recognized for its performance and integration of STEM from the state and maintain its STEM accreditation.  Now, it will be adding Spanish Immersion as to further enrich students’ opportunities to grow and learn in MSD Lawrence Township.

Grades K-6 are located at Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion

Grades 7-8 are located at Fall Creek Valley Middle School

Grades 9-12 are located at Lawrence North High School

The entire K-12 Immersion Program has been recognized by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Kingdom of Spain as an International Spanish Academy.

Application Process

Grades K-6
Families interested in applying for Spanish Immersion should follow the same process as families applying to attend any of the Magnet schools.  Students who are entering grades 2-6 and accepted through the CAP (Computerized Admission Process) are required to pass a Spanish assessment to complete the admittance process. 

Grades 7-12
Students entering grades 7-12, please inquire through your guidance counselor.

Contact Information

For more information: Troy Knoderer, Chief Academic Officer, 423-8327.

For magnet application information: Click to email us  or call 423-8209.

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