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Frequent, small-group academic tutoring is a research-driven practice proven to accelerate student learning. The MSD of Lawrence Township utilizes multiple tutoring approaches to best meet the needs of students.

  1. Teachers - Any classroom teacher may choose to provide additional tutoring to students outside of the school day. 
  2. Retired Teachers - The district is fortunate to have a cadre of over 20 retired teachers who provide small group tutoring to students, both during and after the school day. The retired teachers tutor primarily at the elementary school level. 
  3. Partnership with Huntington Learning Center - This partnership provides tutoring services for students at Brook Park Elementary, Harrison Hill Elementary & Winding Ridge Elementary. More information about expanding the partnership will be coming in the next few weeks.
  4. Partnership with Innovation Boulevard - This partnership provides tutoring services for middle school students at both Belzer Middle School and Fall Creek Valley Middle School.
  5. Online Tutoring with Varsity Tutors - This 24/7 tutoring option is available to any high school student. 

Although tutoring options vary by schools, the MSD of Lawrence Township is committed to providing additional academic tutoring support for any student who needs it.

For additional information specific to your school, please contact your building principal.