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Project SEARCH Reverse Job Fair

March 20, 2018 was the first annual reverse job fair hosted by Project SEARCH at Easterseals Crossroads. This was an opportunity for the Interns to create a "storyboard" highlighting their gifts, talents and jobs skills. Also they created a resume and business cards. Each Intern was assigned a table to set up their display. Businesses were invited to send their recruiter(s) to interview each of the Interns.2.JPG

The group spent the days and weeks prior creating their boards, resumes and practicing interview skills. They also took time to review and plan what to wear for an interview and how to behave in a professional manner.

Each Intern sat at their table and waited to be visited by a recruiter.  The recruiters each had a different starting point and visited the students at their table. It was explained prior to the beginning of the event that the interviews would be 4 minutes in length and a buzzer would sound indicating it was time to move to the next 1.JPGperson.

There were more Interns than recruiters so the Interns were expected to sit quietly and patiently while they waited for the next interview. Al;l interns had the opportunity to interview with every recruiter.

Overall the feedback from businesses was very positive. The recruiters from YMCA and JW Marriott have expressed an interest in hiring a few of our interns. The recruiter from Kroger requested that a few of individuals apply directly to her.

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