August 25, 2017  |  Community Engagement

LT/IUPUI launch alternative licensure program

IMG_0250.JPGThe District Based Alternative Certification program (DBAC) is a collaborative effort between the IU School of Education at IUPUI and the MSD of Lawrence Township. In an effort to support Lawrence Township employees invested in the district, the School of Education re-envisioned the alternative certification program and is now offering elementary certification for interested district employees. Working with the Human Resources Department, under the leadership of Mr. Tim Harshbarger and Ms. Tammora Golder, IUPUI has been able to maximize opportunities for district employees who want to continue working while simultaneously pursuing certification. Approximately fourteen cohort members represent schools across the district.
According to superintendent, Dr. Shawn Smith, "This program is truly an investment in people." Mr. Harshbarger shares that not having gone through a traditional educational program himself, he recognizes first-hand, the personal and professional investment these individuals are making to the students of Lawrence Township. 

The IU School of Education at IUPUI sees this as the beginning of a customizable certification program and applauds Lawrence Township for its pioneering commitment to a rigorous program. Both the IUPUI School of Education and Lawrence Township look forward to continued collaboration. Students enrolled in the program will be recommended for elementary licensure at the completion of the eighteen-month program and be en-route to a Masters degree in elementary education.
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