February 24, 2015  |  Announcements


The MSD of Lawrence Township has been fortunate enough to be awarded a reitred military K9 specializing in narcotics detection. Lawrence is the first of the Indianapolis township school districts to develop a K9 program.
February 17, 2015  |  Announcements

FAFSA - Your Gateway to Money for College

Attention Seniors! Have you completed yours? FAFSA is the largest provider of student financial aid in the United States.
February 11, 2015  |  Day in the Life

Educator by Day & Emcee by Night

MSD of Lawrence Township Diagnostic Day Treatment Program middle level educator, Marc Williams wears two different and important hats. The 28 year old educator is also the emcee for Butler University’s Men’s Basketball Team.
February 9, 2015  |  Community Engagement

Raising Digital Natives

According to our fourth PREP Speaker, Dr. Devorah Heitner, "Raising Digital Natives is all about embracing the upsides of technology while navigating the challenges to create a compassionate, thoughtfully-connected world."
February 2, 2015  |  Community Engagement

Making the Drive Part II

In an era of school choice, public schools are competing to keep up with the increasing choices that families havewith regard to where to send their child. Learn why Toni Watson chose Crestview for her daughter.
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