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Valley Forge Day 2017

Details provided below are from Indiana Creek (IC) teacher, Mr. Steve Hardwick:IMG_6812.JPG

What is Valley Forge Day? 
This one-day event is in its 20th year, and allows students to travel back in time to drill with Revolutionary War soldiers, meet war time surgeons, bake apple pies with Lady Washington, and participate in other activities to help survive the blustery winter of 1777 and 1778.
Who:  Students, parents, IC staff and reenactors
This event is a great day for the students and is made possible through support from our families and volunteers. Each year, parents give an entire day to help IC students have a wonderful educational Dr-Smith-1-(1).pngexperience through a living history event incorporating all academic areas.
Actual Revolutionary War reenactors join us and drill the students in the outdoor lab. In both 2015 and 2016, snow was on the ground, making for a very authentic experience. Last year, Dr. Smith, our superintendent, attended and spent a couple hours touring Valley Forge Day, evening firing off the cannon!
When:   Valley Forge Day is Friday, February 24, 2017
Where:   Inside IC and in the IC outdoor lab
Why (Curriculum): This unique activity integrates each curriculum area and connects the students in a hands-on way with our unit on Independence, The American Revolution and the 5th grade trade book, The Winter of Red Snow. This unit and Valley Forge day themes the concepts of STEM, reading, writing and social studies.
Valley Forge Day web-site:  IMG_3095-(2).JPG
This site further explains about this day, and provides several photos provide an in-depth look at the day.
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