February 21, 2018  |  Events

Mr. LN 2018

Lawrence North High School will host their annual Mr. LN competition on Friday, February 23rd. Mr. LN is a spin off male beauty pageant, incorporating elements such as talent, question and answer and other aspects. This year’s theme is ‘Survivor’ centered around testing your ability in the toughest of situations and how well you respond and survive. Mr. LN has come to be a highly anticipated night on the calendar with laughter, joy and pure entertainment. From dancing cowboys to promposals, Mr. LN has seen anything and everything and this year should be no different. With 4 seniors and 6 juniors, Mr. LN has a loaded field of boys set to test their talent to be the lone survivor. On top of that, all ticket sales and donations for Mr. LN will head to the Coburn Place to help those fighting Domestic Violence.  


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