March 6, 2017  |  Announcements

Forest Glen Robotics Qualifies for the World Competition!

Congratulations, Forest Glen Robotics! The Forest Glen Robotics teams have once again made it to the VEX IQ Worlds Competition, to be held in Louisville, Kentucky, Sunday, April 23 – Tuesday, April 25, 2017.  In 2016 they had one team go to the World Competition. This year all three teams are going. Forest Glen is the only elementary school in the district to have teams in this worlld competition.   

Forest-Glen-B-Team-(2).JPGThe Red team (10525B) won an Excellence Award at the Fall Creek Valley competition. They qualified for Worlds with a Skills Award at the HCS competition, receiving a score of 105. At the time, this was 3rd highest in the state of Indiana. Following the State competition,105 was 5th in the state.  The Red team won the Excellence Award at State competition. The Excellence award is essentially the highest award making them state champions.  This is the second consecutive year the team has won this World qualifying award. Additionally, they won 3rd Place in Team Alliance. They also were given the use of a suite at the March 24th Pacers game. This means Forest Glen actually qualified three different ways!  
The Gray team (10525A) won the Design Award, Programming Award, and a Skills Award. Their 88-point score placed them 6th in the state at Fall Creek Valley. It was the Skills Award that qualified them for Worlds.  Additiontally, the Gray team won a Design Award at the HCS competition.
The Teal team (10525C) won a STEM Award at Fall Creek Valley, earning them enough points at the end of the State competition to qualify for Worlds.
Last year, twenty-five teams competed at the Indiana State Competition. This year, ninety-five teams competed out of a total of three-hundred Indiana teams. The kids won three trophies in 2016 and nine trophies this year at State.
Though the World Competition in Kentucky is only one state south, competition at this level is not without cost. Associated costs put the total well above $5,000. As a result, the school has put out a sponsorship request. This is a great opportunity to reach an international audience and support the efforts of these award-winning students. Click here to access the sponsorship/donation form. Click here to be directed to their Go Fund Me page.
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