November 15, 2016  |  Announcements

Brook Park named a Touchdown School!

Great news! Brook Park Elementary has been named a touchdown school by the Fuel Uo to Play 60 program! This is the third year Brook Park has earned this distinction! Past school years are 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.
Each year, 70% of schools in Indiana participate in the Fuel Up to Play 60 program by having students keep Flag-football.jpegtrack of their fruits and vegetables then log them on the program website in order to earn points. To become a touch down school, I submit a story and our school must complete six ‘plays’ (which is just a way of saying I come up with ways to get the students engaged) that incorporate nutrition and physical activity. Students know to keep me informed of the points that they earn. Each student that brings me their points get some sort of prize to encourage them to continue to make healthy choices. I also choose a fellow BP employee or community member to partner with me on this project. This year it was the nurse, Ms. Rebecca Caban. I hope in the future to engage more of our staff to help promote the program and to be thought partners on ways to engage students and to encourage participation.
By participating in Fuel up to Play 60, we are able to win items for the school or for student(s) that may have a particular need. In the past, we have won a milk cooler that gets a lot of use! Additionally, we were awarded a grant that helped to pay for a steamer used in the kitchen. Student prizes include Colts footballs, jerseys, and Fuel Up to Play 60 cups. This year I won a complete set of flag football gear which was donated to the school for physical education. The studies love it! I also have a $10 gift card to the NFL pro shop that I plan on using as a giveaway.
Being a part of this program is time consuming both personal effort and the participation of the students. However, it is worth it! Not only do I encourage students to make and eat healthy when they go through the cafeteria line, but the program encourages them to go out and exercise after they leave school. I hope that making these small changes will impact our kids now as well as in the future.
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