October 10, 2016  |  Community Engagement

Next Step... High School!

Back in August, superintendent Dr. Smith visited every building in the district, sharing a message of achievement and excellence (Learn more here). In his address he shared board goals and the district strategic plan, that it's a new day in education and we are no longer the only show in town. Families have more choices than ever in where to send their child/children to be educated. That's why it is up to LT to continue to offer high quality, innovative programming to all students. Not only do we need to have outstanding programming (and we do!), but we need to talk about it and share our excellence with the broader community!Classroom.jpg

You may have noticed yard signs around the community, ads on public radio, and even residential mailers, all sharing details of high school open houses at schools like Heritage Christian, Cathedral, and yes, even in Lawrence Township. This marketing aims to highlight the programs, extra curriculars, opportunities, and current initiatives that these schools offer.

Well, let it be known that Lawrence Township is equal to the task! We pride ourselves on our wealth of programs, extracurriculars, student opportunities, and services available to ALL students. Those considering options for high school have multiple opportunities to see and learn about Lawrence Township High School Excellence for themselves.

October 26th is the second PREP event of the year. Hosted in the LGI room between 6:30-7:30 PM at Lawrence Central, the event is titled Secondary 101: Everything you always wanted to know about high school, but were afraid to ask. The event features a panel of Lawrence Township administrators, parents, and students will discuss how to get the most out of the high school experience, including transition strategies, scheduling, extracurricular activities, and more. Come learn about LT high schools and get all your questions answered during this informal conversation. We hope to see you there!  For your convenience, Spanish translation, an ASL interpreter, and childcare will be provided. 

November 3rd is Middle & High School Preview Day. It's a chance for students to "preview" middle and high school. All students in grades 6 & 8 will visit the secondary school their residential address has them attending. Students get a snapshot of middle and high school life, regardless of which school (Belzer or Fall Creek Valley, Lawrence Central or Lawrence North) they ultimately attend.

November 10th are the annual High School Open Houses. Lawrence Central and Lawrence North will be open between 6:30-8:00 PM and McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology will be open between 6:30 - 8:30 PM. See students in action, as they share what makes their school special. Meet staff and get a taste of all that LT high schools have to offer!

We have something for everyone. Every student in Lawrence Township Schools has a place to belong as well as the freedom to be unique. Join us as you decide who you will be!

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