September 20, 2016  |  Events

LT to host first gubernatorial debate

The Indiana Debate Commission (IDC) is slated to host the first gubernatorial debate involving Democrat John Gregg, Republican Eric Holcomb, and Libertarian Rex Bell at Lawrence North High School on Tuesday, September 27. The debate will be held during school hours and will involve high school students, teachers, and administrators. Though students from other high schools in Indiana will be in attendance, the majority will be from Lawrence North and Lawrence Central. The debate will also be webcast live by WFYI to schools around the state and will be made available later for television broadcasting.
Though this event is not open to the public, the IDC invites individuals to submit questions for the candidates. Questions will be selected on a variety of topics and can be submitted here. “We are encouraged that the candidates acknowledge our intention to present three debates so they can share directly with voters how they would work to help shape the future of Indiana,” said Dan Byron, president of the debate commission. The IDC has planned and executed all televised debates among candidates for governor and U.S. Senate in Indiana since 2008. “We look forward to finalizing plans with them in the weeks ahead.”

Candidates will meet in a town-hall style setting in the Lawrence North auditorium with high school students to discuss their position on issues. Some of the questions will be posed by students. A brief press conference will take place immediately following.

September 27th is also National Voter Registration Day, and the day after the first schedule presidential debate. The IDC is organizing the event in partnership with the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indiana Secretary of State and the Indiana Department of Education, sponsors of Indiana Kids’ Election, a program that helps to educate students about the electoral process.

For those students who are now 18 years of age, it is not too late to register, but time is running out. Register here today!
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