Below is a list of frequently asked questions around COVID-19 and the operation of school. We ask that questions specific to the operation of a particular building be directed to the building principal.

Who makes health-related decisions for the school corporation?
The school corporation will always follow the guidance from the state and county health departments on health-related issues. The day to day operation of the school corporation is under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools. The Board of Education does have the authority to develop health-related policies.

Will the MSD of Lawrence Township require vaccination?
No. While not required by the school district, the MSD of Lawrence Township strongly encourages ALL eligible students and staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19. We will continue to coordinate with our partners at Community Health Network to make on-site vaccination opportunities available.

Will masks be required of students and staff?
  • Masks are required for all students PreK-12 and staff while indoors, regardless of vaccination status, except when eating or drinking.
  • For outdoor settings, masks are recommended for unvaccinated individuals in crowded situations or for those with underlying conditions when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • ALL students/staff are required to wear a mask while riding a school bus per federal mandate.
Click here to read the CDC/MCHD's Considerations for Wearing Cloth Face Coverings.

Will students have temperature checks upon entry?
No. This is not logistically possible given the size of our schools. Parents must assess their child’s health prior to sending them to school. Click here to read COVID-19 screening guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health.

Will families be notified if there is a positive case in their school/class?
Parents or guardians of students that are exposed to positive cases will be notified is their child is considered to be a close contact. Please keep in mind that student and staff health information is federally protected information.

Will the schools test students for COVID?
No testing occurs in school buildings.. Testing will take place under the direction and guidance of the Marion County Public Health Department. Click here to view testing locations in Marion County.
Click here to access information on Gravity Diagnostics Testing at LECC.

The district has partnered with Gravity Diagnostics to provide testing to students and staff and no cost. Click here for details.

Are students allowed to have nebulizer treatments at school?
No. At the recommendation of the Indiana State Department of Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of School Nurses, use of nebulizer treatments is highly discouraged in clinics during the 2021-2022 school year.

If unvaccinated students are excluded due COVID-related circumstances, will they automatically transition to a virtual program?
No. Parents will work with the teacher/school using the same process they would for any other absence, arranging for missed work to be completed with support.

How do lunches work if students are all in the cafeteria with no masks?
Per the USDA, breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students at no cost during the 2021-2022 school year. Hot and cold items will be available and items will be individually wrapped or pre-packaged.

Are water fountains closed?
Yes, water fountains remain closed. Students will be allowed to bring their own water bottles and refill stations are available.

Are buildings providing school tours?
All school buildings are open with building tours available upon request. Please call the school office to schedule a building tour.

Will emergency drills be conducted?
Per Indiana Department of Education requirements, all schools will participate in state mandated emergency preparedness drills.

Are students able to carry backpacks at the secondary schools?
Students in middle school will not be permitted to carry backpacks during the instructional day. Backpacks should be put in student lockers upon building entry. High school students are permitted to carry backpacks.