Metropolitan School District of
Lawrence Township

Phone: (317) 423-8200

Grades 7-12

Middle & High Schools (Grades 7 - 12)

A parent/guardian may submit a Middle School or High School enrollment application for a student who:
  • Has just moved into the MSD of Lawrence Township enrollment boundaries and would like to enroll for the first time;    
  • Currently resides within the MSD of Lawrence Township enrollment boundaries, is not currently attending a school within the MSD of Lawrence Township and would like to enroll at a middle or high school within the MSD of Lawrence Township. 

The Transfer Application Process for Current MSDLT Families

The transfer application process for current MSDLT families wanting to request placement for their students to attend a middle or high school other than the school currently serving their attendance boundary is now CLOSED.

If you submitted an in-District Resident Transfer Application between January 5 - February 11, you should expect notification via email on/about March 1st. As a reminder, students who transfer to the “other” school will not be transported to that school by either MSDLT busses or the inter-school shuttle system.

Non-Resident Application for Students in Middle and High School

The application process for middle and high school students, grades 7-12, for families who reside outside of MSD of Lawrence Township and are seeking placement for the 2017-2018 school year is closed.

Families wanting to submit a Non-Resident Application for attendance next school year, beginning fall 2018, can do so between now and April 15. Applicants will receive email notification in late-April.

Please be advised:
  • Student records are required for application (attendance, discipline, report card/transcript). Documents can be uploaded when completing the application or delivered to the Welcome Center at 6501 Sunnyside Rd.​ (Attn: Asst. Superintendent of Secondary Schools)
  • Familes of non-resident students must provide transportation to and from school.
Nonresident Transfer Application - Secondary (Grades 7-12) for 2018-2019 school year.

Aplicación para estudiantes que No Residen en el Distrito Escolar de Lawrence