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Lawrence Township Extracurricular Activities

While Academic Excellence is what drives us, Lawrence Township also excels through a variety of extracurricular activities. The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township's Athletics and Performing Arts have earned Local, State, and National Championships.

NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED AS A BEST COMMUNITY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION for over a decadeover 2,200 students are involved in music, choral, and theater groups, including the combined Marching Pride of Lawrence Township, winners of numerous state, regional, and national championships.

Lawrence Township has over 2,000 student athletes competing at the middle school and high school level. Partnered with Community Health Network’s expert training staff, LT athletes are properly conditioned and prepared for competition. Offering 24 varsity sports, along with a complementary programming at the middle schools, winning, including 47 state championships and numerous sectional and regional titles, is an LT tradition.

LT fosters a culture of community service and encourages students to identify their unique gifts and contributions to family and community. They are challenged to think in terms of the greater good and to focus on problem solving. Students actively participate in school sponsored service and professional organizations, clubs, and student government. Honing leadership skills, shaping policy, and building community awareness develop balanced students well-prepared for their future endeavors.


Lawrence Township Athletics

A winning tradition in athletics is apparent across the district from the elementary leagues through high school varsity competition. As part of the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC), LT Schools offers 21 high school varsity sports.

LT Athletics

Performing Arts

MSDLT Performing Arts -

The performing arts program at Lawrence Township includes band, orchestra, and vocal music. Each of the performing arts group has received local and state awards for their individual group performances. 10 years running - Best Communities for music education.

LT Performing Arts

Lawrence Central Clubs & Activities

Please reach out to your Guidance Counselor and Dr. Teresa James ( for information on specific club sponsors./ Favor de comunicarse con su consejero y la Dra. Teresa James ( para recibir información sobre los administradores de los clubes que le interese.

Lawrence North Clubs & Activities