Next Level Graduation Pathways

Parents, Students and Community Members,

We are excited to share with you the Lawrence Township Next Level Programs of Study. For Students, the High School experience is a launching pad for a lifetime of opportunities and endless possibilities. In a learning community as vast as ours, the definition of success and the pathway to achieve it is as diverse as our students.


Whether pursuing college after high school or entering the workforce, the programs outlined in this guide are designed to provide a wide range of opportunities. For students who continue their education beyond high school, these programs offer a host of benefits including college credit, connections to meaningful employment opportunities, and a host of skills that transfer to any career. For students entering the workforce upon graduation, successful completion of one of these programs prepares students to earn a liveable wage in high demand fields, offering a chance to advance quickly. To families, thank you for trusting us to walk alongside you as we guide your student to success. For students, thank you for being willing and open to try new things. It is an honor to walk with you on this journey. For our community, thank you for supporting us as we build and sustain a High School experience that will help feed our local demand for highly skilled and qualified graduates.