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Illustrative Impact of the Proposed School Capital Referendum on Property Tax Bills

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Please visit the Marion County Assessor's website to find the Gross Assessed Value for a specific property. This will be located on the Property Record Card.


From your Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer, TABLE 1, Line 1a.

Illustrative Calculated Tax Bill Increase from the
Proposed School Capital Referendum with a
Tax Rate of $0.2499 3

  Capital Referendum Tax Rate
Illustrative Monthly Referendum Tax Liability:  
Illustrative Annual Referendum Tax Liability:  


  1. Assessments are subject to annual changes in market conditions. The referendum liability may change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed value.
  2. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead credits, supplemental homestead credits and mortgage deductions. Assumes no deductions or credits for non-homestead properties.
  3. Local property tax replacement credits are not applied to Capital Referendum tax rates, per Indiana Code 6-3.6-5-6.
  4. The short video below will show you how to correctly utilize the tax calculator.