Human Resources

With over 16,000 students and 2,500 employees, The MSD of Lawrence Township offers a wide range of opportunities pre-K through Grade 12. We are currently looking for quality candidates for all positions. Hiring immediately for: Teachers, Substitutes, Bus Drivers, & Food Services. The MSD of Lawrence Township provides competitive compensation, opportunity for professional growth, continuing education hours, and a comprehensive benefits package. We invite you to explore working in our school district. 

Located on the northeast side of Indianapolis in an urban/suburban setting,the convenient location offers easy access to the amenities of the Indianapolis area.  The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township provides unique experiences for each individual - from a convenient geographic location to opportunities for personal and professional development.


One Welcoming Community, Many Voices. MSD of Lawrence Township students and staff are diverse in interests, talents, backgrounds, and goals. The many voices weave the rich fabric known as the school community and facilitate robust discussions, greater knowledge, and mutual respect.

In addition, we recruit the most qualified teachers from all backgrounds.  The following flyers were prepared as a recruiting tool for native Spanish speaking teachers across the United States and beyond who might be interested in our growing English Language programs.

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EL Flyer - English
EL Flyer - Spanish


The MSD of Lawrence Township offers a wide range of teaching opportunities pre-K through grade 12. Academic programs encompass a broad range of subjects including International Baccalaureate, Gifted and Talented, STEM, Spanish Immersion and variety of specialized programs and services to help meet the needs of all students. 

Our award winning sports and music programs are among the best in the state.


The MSD of Lawrence Township provides competitive compensation and is consistently in the top 10 school districts statewide. The District offers rewards for continuing education hours as well as a comprehensive benefits program.


A progressive school district, the MSD of Lawrence Township fosters staff development through participation in team building, leadership and extracurricular opportunities.

The LT distributive leadership framework named D3 (Distributive, Dedicated, Dynamic) was developed to access and utilize the skill set of classroom teachers in ways that positive impact more students and the community as a whole. The program provides leadership opportunity and commensurate compensation to teachers without removing them from the classroom.

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D3 Flyer - English
D3 Flyer - Spanish

Gold Workplace Health Solutions Recognition
LT Schools has been recognized by the American Heart Association for meeting AHA criteria in implementing quality employee health programs in our workplace environment characteristic of a culture of health best practices.  LT Schools was among the organizations that scored highest on the AHA Workplace Health Achievement Index, which was developed in collaboration with the Association’s CEO Roundtable and its Center for Workplace Health Research and Evaluation.

We invite you to explore working in our school district.  Our online application system allows you to complete an application for employment for current and future openings. If you are interested in joining our team, please click here to see our open positions.


For more information: Contact Carla Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer, 423-8200