Safety and Security

MSD of Lawrence Township has been a leader in the State of Indiana as one of the first to establish a Comprehensive Safe Schools Emergency Management Plan.  The Schools’ Plan provides administrators and staff with documented procedures to follow in the event of any kind of emergency or crisis situation.

Full-time security officers are assigned to both high schools and both middle schools.  Other security officers rotate among the Early Learning Centers and the elementary schools. 

The school district’s Coordinator of School Safety and Security is on call 24/7 and assists security officers as needed. 

Procedural Documents for Safety and Security


Contact Information

Located at the MSD of Lawrence Township Education and Community Center
6501 Sunnyside Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236
Phone: (317) 423-7575 Fax: (317) 823-5223

Chief Operations Officer - Rodger Smith (317) 423-7572
Director of Operations - Dr. Grant Nesbit (Contact Me) (317) 423-7575
Director of Security - James Parish (317) 423-8315
Office Manager - Gerhree Shircliff (317) 423-7571