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Student Services

MSD of Lawrence Township Student Body

The Office of Student Services exists to build a culture of care, collaboration, and community that is committed to equitable outcomes and serves families to improve the physical, emotional, and educational wellbeing of every student. 

Restorative Practices

The MSD of Lawrence Township believes in the power of restorative practices to build strong, supportive communities within our schools. Restorative practices focus on repairing harm, building relationships, and promoting a sense of responsibility and accountability. By embracing these principles, we aim to create school cultures that encourages open communication, empathy, and understanding. District staff are going through Restorative Practices training in partnership with the Peace Learning Center, learning to actively incorporate restorative approaches into daily interactions and conflict resolution processes, ensuring that each student feels valued and heard.

Recently, a parent engagement program was held, educating parents on Restorative Practices and demonstrating what they look like in the MSD of Lawrence Township. A video of the presentation is available below for your use:

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

The power of consistent school attendance is more than a routine - it is a gateway to success. By being present in school, students are not just marked as present, they are investing in their future. Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve together. In the videos below, you'll hear from leaders across the MSD of Lawrence Township as they share insights on how school attendance directly impacts different aspects of the educational experience. 

Effects of Chronic Absenteeism

Interaction & Participation

Teacher Guidance

Accountability & Work Ethic

Extracurricular Activities

Academic Progress

Routine & Discipline

Social Skills & Relationships

Hands-On Learning

Human Resources

Office of Student Services
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