FY2017: 470# 170063684 - Network Infrastructure Upgrade

Bidding process has closed.  
Bids were publicly opened at 2:00 P.M. on Friday, March 3, 2017.

Published RFP can be downloaded here.

Building drawings are provided upon request only to the email address listed in the RFP.

No addendums have been submitted

CLARIFICATION: The mandatory meeting will be on February 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM, not on February 21st.


Q:   Do the professional services requested include switch and UPS installation?
A:   The switch and UPS installs will be handled by MSDLT.  The professional services requested are only focused on the wireless project.  Services requested are any services needed to provide a turn-key wireless system in the facilities noted.  

Q:   What is the availability window for cabling and installation?
A:   Physical work in the buildings can not start before May 26th and must be finished by August 1st.  Heatmaps and documentation can be scheduled after August 1st, but the systems must be installed, configured and operational for the first day of school.

Q:   Are any cabling services needed for buildings listed under "Hardware Only"?
A:   No, cabling is needed in these buildings.  These buildings are under construction and cabling is being handled under those projects.

Q:   On page 12 of the RFP, within the Professional Services Detail’s Installation requirements there is mention of installing patch panels. However, no patch panels are included in the equipment lists. Are these patch panels being provided by MSDLT? If MSDLT is looking for the vendor to perform the installation, can you provide us an approximate number of patch panels that will need to be installed?
A:   Patch panel space is available but may not be adequate.  Additional patch panels should be included based on the wiring plan.  

Q:   On page 13 there is mention of Racks and labor pricing for installation of communication racks. However, no racks are included in the equipment list. If applicable, can you provide an approximate number of new racks to be installed?
A:   MSDLT will provide and prep any additional rack space.  No racks need to be provided in the bid.

Q:   On page 12 the statement is made “Shall be terminated with female RF45 plug in ceiling”. Can you please provide clarification on the desired installation method? For example, we could install a keystone jack with a wall plate in the ceiling tile. Another interpretation of the statement could have us leave a loose keystone jack above the ceiling tiles. And yet another interpretation could have us terminating the feeding CAT6 with a typical male RJ45 connector and providing a female-to-female RJ45 coupler.
A:   A loose keystone style jack is sufficient.