Alerts: Apr 5, 2020
UPDATE: At the direction of Governor Holcomb, there will be no onsite classes for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year due to COVID-19 pandemic. Offsite eLearning will take place. There will be no preschool programming or child care available. All extra curriculuar activities will be canceled for the remainder of the academic year. LECC will be closed to the public. Click here to see the Coronavirus Communication announcement below for the most current information.

Tech Staff

Contact Information

Located at the MSD of Lawrence Township Education and Community Center
6501 Sunnyside Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236
Phone: (317) 423-8340

Chief Technology Officer - Michael Bottorff (317) 423-8340
Administrative Assistant - Kim Wiggins (317) 423-8340
Systems Analyst - Jeffrey Bradley (317) 423-8458
Systems Analyst - Megan Hale (317) 423-8355
Database Administrator - Ryan Singer (317) 423-8350
Technology Support Coordinator - Michael Jones (317) 423-8252
Technology Support Coordinator - Rodrick Landess (317) 423-8370

Data Division

Data & Assessment Coordinator, Jennifer Collins (317) 423-8342
Data Services, Dolores Jones (317) 423-8343
Data Services, Chris McNamara (317) 423-8347

District Technicians

Alexander Atchley Chris Batagianis
Shawn Carpenter Robert Daniel
Greg Dulin Brad Elliott
Greg Fernandez Patrick Kerkhof
Denny Krauser Steven Lester
Juan Malvaes Luis Malvaes
Pam Mullin Ryan Murphy
Joshua Oberting Aaron Pingle
Brian Vought Steven Ziegler